It’s been quite a long time, hasn’t it? There’s been so much going on that I haven’t been able to do much - and when I have, I don’t feel like doing anything. Quite the dilemma.

We finally finished our documentary project - it’s up and running on YouTube with over 1000 views and 500+ notes on Tumblr!

We got so much positive feedback from the community that we decided to continue the project. We filmed again at Fanime 2013 in San Jose, made business cards, and started a new website in the meantime. I just redesigned the splash page yesterday for Comic Con. Wish I was going. Hayley’s handing out our business cards over there though! She also designed the logo for our cards and site.

con·cious website screenshot
con·cious keychain cards

Fanime 2013 - I went with Hayley, Casey, and Hayley’s friend Ashley. They cosplayed from Silent Hill and I cosplayed as Adventure Time’s Marshall Lee!

Ashley’s mom actually got us into a real hospital the night before for an amazing Silent Hill photoshoot! I’ll post photos up eventually.

My wig for cosplaying Marshall Lee drying upside down
A selfie in my Marshall Lee cosplay
Ashley cosplaying as a Pyramid Head/Silent Hill nurse

It was crazy busy and full of amazing cosplayers and booths and panels! I attended a panel on cosplaying and body image for the project. My sister Isabelle, who cosplayed as Fionna to my Marshall Lee, dragged me to the Gaia Online panel where I won a free virtual gift.

I also ended up with quite a few goodies -

Artist Alley goodies

I’d been drooling over the Sailor Senshi print for months - since Animation on Display in February, actually - and I finally gave in and bought it! Such a beautiful print, and Sailor Saturn is right up front where she belongs. Love her so much.

School has been as hectic as ever. I just completed Intro to Animation with a solid B+! I got an A- on both the final project and final exam. With all the hard work I put in and how difficult the class was, I’m satisfied with this grade.

Some WIP shots -

Ball bounce
Mew tail Wave
Cat and mouse
Kingdom Rush
Claymation set
Mechanical mouse animation sketches

Nick, Nathan, and I teamed up for the claymation. It started out with blowing up ponies and ended up being so much more twisted…

For a look at my final animatic (draft), click here, and for my final. click here. Please don’t mind the title - I literally stayed up until 11am the next morning to finish this and I wasn’t thinking straight.

Rushing through my updates so I can post this and sleep!

I’m going to start an Etsy shop soon for friendship bracelets! I’ve been making them like crazy and I figured I might as well profit from it.

Friendship bracelet
Friendship bracelet
Friendship bracelet
Friendship bracelet
Friendship bracelet
Friendship bracelet
Friendship bracelet

Eeveelution pixel art I made in anticipation of a Pokemon friendship bracelet. Based off of this post - sorry I can’t find the original!

Pixel Eeveelutions

Ordered new business cards (altered from the original mockup I created) and sunglasses and got them in the mail the same day!

Round sunglasses
Business cards

Last but not least, I’ve been working at a store called White House | Black Market near school. It’s challenging, because sales associates are required to “wardrobe” rather than “sell” - but I’m actually enjoying myself somewhat. Plus, the clothes are amazing. I can feel my style changing again.

That is all, good night. Or morning. Whichever you prefer.