About this website


  1. 1990


  2. 1996

    Send first email to mom.

  3. 2001

    Sign up for first email account and AIM username.

  4. 2003

    Graduate middle school.

  5. 2005

    Sign up for Xanga and learn how to make Xanga layouts.

    Create Geocities website.

    Sign up for Myspace.

    First Gmail account.

  6. 2006

    Sign up for Facebook.

  7. 2008

    Graduate high school.

    Sign up for Twitter.

    Sign up for CreateBlog and learn how to make Myspace layouts.

  8. 2009

    Sign up for Wordpress.

    Buy first domain name elletricity.com.

    Create first website with PHP.

    Sign up for Tumblr and learn how to make Tumblr themes.

    Begin freelance work.

  9. 2012

    First time buying hosting.

    Buy gabriellew.ee domain and set up Wordpress.

  10. 2013

    Buy gabrielleismy.name. Version 1 of nameplate.

    Switch gabriellew.ee to Jekyll and Github Pages, hosted on Dropbox. Version 1 of website.

  11. 2015

    Switch generators from Jekyll to Cactus. Version 2 of website.

    First startup job as front-end developer.

    Sign up for Codepen.

  12. 2016

    Graduate college with a degree in Game Art & Design.

    Quit startup job.

    Start coding experiments on Codepen.

    Launch Version 3 of website.

  13. 2017

    Version 2 of nameplate.

    Write Codepen post on CSS-only direction-aware effects.

    Start new job at Level Studios as a vendor for Apple.

  14. 2018

    Accept full-time Apple job as front-end engineer.

  15. 2020

    The pandemic hits the world.

    Convert website to Netlify and launch Version 4.

  16. 2021

    Launch Version 5 of website.

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