Finally got my new design up, after over a month! I’ve been getting more and more busy with school. My final Bootcamp project turned out to be much, much better than I expected. I think I’m actually a better artist than I thought! I mean, I do know that I’m decent at design, but I always told people I was not good at drawing, and yet here is undeniable proof that I can do more than scribble.

Skeleton war drawing

The human skeletons are riding cheetahs, if you’re wondering. I loved the way even a cheetah’s skeleton looks lean and graceful, built perfectly for running. I considered trying out different animal skeletons for each rider, but that would be far too much detail and ruin the overall effect.

Also, some drawing exercises I never posted -

Hand sketch 1
Hand sketch 2

Great news for my Living in a Media World project as well - my topic got voted up and it’s currently being made into an official documentary and will be showing in a couple of weeks!

My teammates are Tracy, Hayley, Casey, and Leanne. I am a terrible person - I’ve known these people for months and yet I’ve been calling Tracy Hayley, Hayley Tracy, and Casey Cody. I mean, what?

Since there weren’t any conventions in the Bay Area within our timeframe, my team headed down to San Diego a few weeks ago to attend Anime Conji. We managed to fit five college students, luggage, camera and lighting equipment, and one Pyramid Head cosplay into one small Honda Accord. And manage to stay in the car for the better part of ten hours. How that happened, I’m still not sure.

At any rate, we made it there, and attended the convention for one full day. It was so much fun! Hayley cosplayed as Meryl from Metal Gear Solid; Casey cosplayed as Rainbow Dash in the morning and Pyramid Head in the afternoon. I didn’t have a costume, but I decided to wear fairy wings just so I wouldn’t feel out of place (ha).

I only have photos with a few cosplayers but these are the best photos ever even though they’re blurry!!!

![@charmiesweets’s FFXIII Lightning cosplay](2013-04-23-charmie.jpg '@charmiesweets as Lightning from FFXIII’)

Colin’s Pokémon James cosplay

Sara (Charmie Sweets) is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met! I actually met her in February at Animation on Display and even used footage of my interview with her for my first trailer. I ran into her at Anime Conji completely by coincidence - Tracy wanted a photo with the awesome Lightning cosplayer and when I snapped the photo, I recognized her! Meant to be, yes? We exchanged contact information and I eventually interviewed her for the second time.

Colin was a great James, and he was one of the few who admitted that not all cosplayers are easy on the eyes, but you don’t need to say anything or act disrespectfully towards them. I enjoyed talking to him.

Some stolen Instagram shots:

Lightning by @charmiesweets
Precious by @erikestrada
Snake by @epicepix_
Rainbow Dash by @tracygraveslom
James by @tracygraveslom
Group photo by @tracygraveslom

Since our team didn’t get footage until quite a bit later than the rest of the class, we had to work madly after we returned home. Here’s the trailer I finally came up with -

I’m worried and a little stressed out, to be honest - I initially thought the project was due two weeks from now but it’s actually due this coming Tuesday. We’ll finish in time, though! I’m sure of it.

Not much else is going on besides school, so that’s it for updates!