I’m sitting in Sarah’s room while she sleeps - we both skipped out on lab today. I’m still dealing with a cold the old man gave me that incapacitated me yesterday while she… well, she partied hard. We’re both in the process of recovering.

I went ahead and splurged for a wireless Apple keyboard for my iPad. It was pricey, but definitely worth the cost. I love my iPad and everything it does for me, but the simple fact remains that a physical keyboard will always trump a virtual one. Yes, I know, I could have waited and bought a Surface Pro with a keyboard cover. Whatever. I am satisfied with what I have and if I don’t want the keyboard, I don’t have to bring it with me.

iPad keyboard

So I guess this is kind of an update in the life of Gabrielle Wee. I haven’t really been doing much online since school and work have been dominating my life. There’s still a design I need to finish up for a Tumblr theme and various other things that need updating, but right now, school comes first. That’s the most important.

In other news, my lab group finally finished filming the project we’ve been working on since the beginning of the school year. I mentioned this earlier, I think, but not in detail. Each lab group in this particular class makes a movie, from pre-production through post-production. We write the script; we cast the actors; we direct and light and shoot. It’s an immersive experience, and quite a fun one, but it is a lot of work.

Our particular movie is about a group of Dungeons and Dragons players that embark on a real-life quest to help their friend get ready for a blind date. I actually play a role in this movie - I am Dim Sum, the dungeon master who speaks Chinese gibberish and is basically omniscient and omnipresent. Creating gibberish and still being able to act out the role was quite the challenge, and to be honest, now that we’re in post-production and cobbling together all our material, I cringe every time I hear my voice. I hope it turns out well.

In yet other news, I got new glasses! I lost the first pair of glasses I had purchased in four years at a restaurant called Milano last May - they barely lasted me three months - and have been depending on contacts ever since. Not a good idea at all, especially after I scratched my cornea with a defective lens.

New glasses

A family friend recommended Zenni Optical for inexpensive prescription glasses. I ended up ordering two pairs from them - a round pair with rose-tinted lenses and a light blue pair with clear lenses. Both pairs offer UV protection; I added on some extras that I can’t remember at the moment. The order came out to $45, including shipping - less than half of what I paid for my glasses at the beginning of last year! Each pair comes with a plastic case and cleaning cloth. If you are in need of glasses or even just want a spare pair for emergencies, I *highly* recommend Zenni Optical. You will need to know your prescription and pupillary distance - I usually get my glasses from Costco and they measured it for me there.

I think that’s all the news I have for now. Not sure who reads this or cares, but bam. Updated. Time to nap.