Once in a while, I get a really sweet, thoughtful message on my tumblog, and here’s one that really made me smile:

I left you a long, personal ask this summer that I wonder if you got around to reading. It’s probably buried underneath hundreds of other messages now, but basically it was a sort of “hey, you’re amazing and I used to follow you for quite a while and you should never ever give up” thing. Still holds true now. The reason for this message, though, is entirely because I set up a new side blog and finally got the chance to using the Wood theme you once had as your own personal theme, and as I was customizing all the details I was just thinking in my head, “Thank goodness for Gabrielle Wee. I doubt there’s another theme artist on tumblr who approaches versatility and personal customisation as thoughtfully and uniquely as she.” Seriously, I’ve used your themes from the start, and in the last few years you’ve only gotten better and better at what you do, and for the .005% of my life where I’m an obsessively nitpicky theme-adjustment-maker, you just make everything so ridiculously convenient and the amount of appreciation I have for that is almost excessive… yup. I do have a few coding questions I intend to ask on your main site sometime later when I have the time to address them as well, but for now, this is all. Last notes–you have such a limitless capacity for life, and although I know things are hard right now, don’t forget that our God will never let us face more than we can handle :) in Him you can do all things! I hope school is going well for you. Don’t forget to smile.

Here’s another:

You are an incredibly strong, beautiful individual. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life, and I can tell that beauty’s more than skin deep. You are so talented and accomplished, and you inspire me to better. God bless you, and have an awesome day. (: xx