05/24/2022 at 9:18pm

  • Temporarily remove unusable reset button

04/18/2022 at 12:30pm

  • Fixed changelog layout
  • Update libraries

08/18/2016 at 7:00PM

  • Fixed bug where double-clicking a card would mark it as matched without an actual match.
  • Fixed bug where card values were visible in Firefox.

08/18/2016 at 1:30PM

  • Fixed bug where cards would still be marked as matched on multiple replays after the first one
  • Adjusted delays to better avoid mismatches or standalone cards
  • Fixed bug where cards would still be clickable even after being matched

Isotope Card Match

Click on a card to flip it over. If you turn over two matching cards, you get to keep them; if they don't match, they get flipped back. Every fifteen seconds, the cards will reshuffle. Match all twenty cards to win! View in full-page mode to play.

Congrats, you've won!